SXSW: Data Privacy: What Parents DON’T Know Can Hurt You

SXSW: Data Privacy: What Parents DON’T Know Can Hurt You

March 3, 2014 – March 7, 2014 all-day

When it comes to ed tech that relies on student data, parents often don’t understand what data is being collected, how it supports instructional goals, or what the privacy implications are. And they aren’t taking “trust us” for an answer: in a SafeGov survey, 84% of parents said they would likely take action against a school for allowing online tracking of students. Schools and districts (and their technology vendors) are currently doing too little to educate parents about the use of student data. That failure to communicate is scaring some parents into rejecting tools that educators want and need.

Come hear from three perspectives on this issue–a district CIO responsible for implementing an instructional improvement system, the chief technology officer for Microsoft’s US Education business, and a leading parent advocate–about the risks of keeping parents in the dark and how to talk to them about student data privacy.

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