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Most companies involved with behavioral advertising have agreed to provide an icon that alerts users to the fact that the ads are tailored based on their web-surfing history. At www.aboutads.info users can opt-out of most ad networks and/or learn more about the company’s information collection practices. A number of FPF supporters play an important role in helping to promote the icon and ensuring that companies comply with the rules including TRUSTe, DoubleVerify, Evidon, and Preference Central.

The Future of Privacy Forum along with WPP played a leading role in helping develop the concept of using symbols to communicate to users about data use.

Much of our early work included a study with leading academics to test a range of symbols.

Press on our work:

[list class="bullet-4"][li]Jan. 26, 2010 – New York Times Article on Industry adoption of FPF WPP icon: A Little ‘i’ to Teach About Online Privacy[/li][/list]

[list class="bullet-4"][li]Jan. 27, 2010 – Digital Marketing Association (DMA) Announcement: Trade Groups Announce the Selection of the Wording and Link/Icon that will be Used to Indicate Adherence to Industry Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising[/li][/list]




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